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I Would Die for You!

With Halloween creeping up and in spirit of this season, this moody wedding styled shoot is the perfect balance of Dark and Romantic. Our silk chiffon gown with hand embroidered waist line play off the rich and deep color scheme reflected in the gold accents and black candelabras; the organic smoking drinks and deep red florals add a mysterious air of the slightly evil and very passionate spirit of love. The mood of this styled shoot might be intense and moody, but the love and passion is present.

While still incorporating elements of this spooky day, the awesome collaborative team from Ottawa created something truly sophisticated. This styled wedding shoot proves that you can host a wedding in just about any mood or color palette you prefer. Face makeup is optional!


Lead Planner - Michael Donovan, Donovan Dream Designs

Planner - Alicia Maiuri

Photography - Stacey Stewart, Stacey Stewart Photography & Sheen Andola, Sheen Photos

Hair Stylist - Liana LaCroix, Liana LaCroix Beauty

Makeup - Pina Cava, Pina Cava Makeup

Florist - Carla Carbajal, Capital Florist

Stationary - Casey Snyder, Casey Snyder Designs

Calligraphy - Nuha Misellati, Lettered It

Female Model - Katarina, Lady Kay Eyes

Male Model - Alex Paul Sine

Female Wardrobe - Zarucci

Male Wardrobe - Mario, Mario Uomo

Jewellery and Mirror - Angelina Wrona, Anarchy Gallery

Cake - Chantal Roulston, EdibleSins

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