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Emotional Italian Wedding

There is so much to love in this elegant wedding. It was full of charm and the bride was as sweet as they can get. Dana and Antonio's special day began with a traditional Italian ceremony at St. Anthony's Church in Ottawa and ended with an elaborate and fun reception. All the love and emotion throughout the day was heart warming and it ended with a party on the dance floor like no other. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Congratulazioni!

See below for some words sent to us by the bride that melted our hearts..


Décor by Wedecor

A few words that were sent to us by the bride that melted our hearts. Love you Dana..

"When I got engaged I was so excited to get married but I was so nervous to start planning the wedding. I had no idea where to start and more importantly I did not know what kind of dress I wanted. Saturday appointments were set with my mom, sister, aunts, friends, or cousins to go dress shopping. Though those days were always fun, I wasn’t getting that, “this is the one” feeling. I was told when you put on the dress, you’ll know. It wasn’t till I stepped foot in Zarucci bridal and met Nora, that I knew what people were talking about. I tried on a dress picked out by my aunt, and I got the feeling! Though the dress wasn’t the colour I had pictured for myself, I was told by Nora that she could re-make the dress exactly how I wanted, and in the colour I wanted. Being told she could do that was one thing, but it was her sincerity and her warm and genuine nature that completely contributed to that feeling. Nora was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was kind, extremely talented, person-centered, and demonstrated confidence, trust, and a special touch for such a special time. Every text, every visit and every fitting she made me feel that I was the only focus and only wedding dress on the go. The togetherness and communication we shared allowed me to comfortably put my dress in her hands and focus on planning the rest of the wedding, and because of that trust, she was often my go-to for questions about colour schemes, flowers, styles for the bridesmaids, flower girls, and décor at the wedding. Not only did Nora create my wedding dress, but she masterminded my mom’s dress and completely altered the one my mom had chosen. She was committed to making sure my mom felt comfortable and beautiful. It was important to me that my mom felt just as special on my wedding day as I did and Nora knew that. Nora is a kind, warm-hearted, down to earth designer and I couldn’t imagine having any other experience for my wedding dress, to the point that as the day was approaching, I could not picture putting on my dress without her there. As I look back on my wedding day, one of my favourite, most comforted memories, was walking through the church doors, not knowing who or how many people were there, crying and shaking with emotion and nervousness, and Nora being the first person I saw. She stood there with the biggest smile, and for a second, I felt like we were at her store, pretending to walk down the aisle. I felt an immediate pride and confidence wearing a custom Zarucci wedding dress, and it lasted the entire evening. This experience taught me that you will meet amazing people at any given time, during any given experience, and Nora is one of those people. I would recommend her to anyone getting married. Your wedding dress should be unique, stunning, and made for your body, and though I didn’t believe in that “feeling”, it does exist, and it can be a fun and personal experience. Nora is completely focused on quality and it shows in her work. Nora is extremely talented and her eye for detail is unbelievable. I am real lucky to now consider her a friend - I just have to find more excuses to see her :)"

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