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Bright Whites and Gold Accents

We just moved into our new atelier showroom and I am loving my new space. It started with a vision of open space, bright whites and gold accents to reflect the brand.

Thanks to Rebecca Marilynn and her help with the design; this vision came to life. See below what she says about the process. Also special thanks to Andrew, Dave, Tony and my dear Hubby, you guys rock!

Using a soft colour pallet, hints of blush and gold accents, marble, ornate antiques, simple design features & eye catching chandeliers, this space is feminine, classic and calm, leaving the custom, designer dresses as the true focal point.

When we first began the renovation process the room was closed off, dark and dreary. Removing walls & painting helped with this. In order to provide a more formal ambiance we did a board and battan using MDF in the main area of the boutique.

The dress display may be the most important aspect of this space. I designed a custom case for the dresses, painted in Chantilly Lace, the same as the wall colour as to not take away from the gowns, topped with moldings & finished off with brass rods. Recessed lighting was built in to make the dresses stand out even more!

Marble is by far one of my favourite materials and I think it suits this design perfectly. It is timeless and elegant. I used Calacatta, for the backdrop behind the desk and logo, because of the warm tones throughout the veining. This is one of the first things that will be seen when entering the space and will really make a statement. Last but not least three antique white iron chandeliers were hung in the room to finish off the space!

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